Friday, 8 July 2011

the light bulb

I am quite sure Thomas Edison did not have this image in his mind when discovered electricity…nonetheless

It was well after 6pm and I was in a small, hot seminar room with three Nepali medical students who were having some trouble understanding the cause of an electrical disturbance in the heart.  The single fan was rotating the stuffy air around and I was up at the white board explaining the tricky mechanism behind the arrhythmia when it happened.  I could actually see the light bulb go on for one of the students.  Literally, his eyes lit up fueling a 1000-watt smile, and he almost levitated above the chair in excitement.  It was one of those palpable experiences in education that convince you that all the mediocre moments, all the frustrations with teaching bureaucracy, all the hours of preparation have come down to this single moment in time.

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  1. Enlightening! All it takes is one of these moments to make it all so worth while :)