Thursday, 21 July 2011

OK one last try to show you the winning poem...

And finally a poem by Kishor Adhakari title: "My Heart"

My small heart,
The natural electricity powerhouse of my own
Beats like a fist
Against my rib case
Thumping desperation
To burst out and roam
Further than my chest
Far beyond my rib case
And beating forever and ever  
 My mom used to say, serve the poor
 Lord Buddha says, love the poor,
 I do have the heart that makes me kind;
The heart that rules my mind.
 The miracle is the way you boom,
 Unprompted since i was 5 mm
 Inside the mother’s womb,
 Sometimes let me feel your presence,
 And bump inside the four rooms
From dawn to dusk,
And round the clock,
You are there for me,
Vigil all the time,
Supporting life even when
It is all alone.

Why does it feel this way?
The exact same thing
every day
I have no more to say,
I have no word to say,
How divinely and supremely
I am proud of you
Simply because, you are the
reason i am,
You are all my reason.

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