Friday, 10 June 2011

" Getting to know you "

Friday evening with 2 and a half days to go. Packing is proceeding (or was until my Vancouver bahini Jana lured me over to watch game 5....).

I'm getting wonderful updates from Health Trek Team. All systems go from the sounds of things.

My friend and colleague Gabrielle brought up something on Thursday that I had not thought about. In the midst of me being nervous about meeting the demands of teaching in Nepal, Gabrielle asked me what I thought the students would be thinking about the arrival of Jason, Bibiana and I. She thought they would be excited but pretty nervous about meeting us. I had never thought about the fact that they might be a bit overwhelmed about three Canadian faculty showing up to teach them. I guess there will have to be a mutual "getting to know each other" time when we all arrive.


  1. Anxiety will be high, however, it will vanish almost instantly once the students see your smile and the glow which you radiate. Do not worry, your presence will only comfort them and they will welcome you and your team with open arms.

    Please do pass my contact information to the students presently there, as well as the students scheduled to leave in a few weeks time.

    #tweetthedoc - Twitter account

  2. That is very kind Maneesh. Thank you.

  3. All the best! Take a lot of pictures, and most importantly enjoy your stay.