Sunday, 12 June 2011

The heART of PAHS

OK so here is where my two worlds intersect... my love of all things cardiovascular and my love of artistic expression.

While in Kathmandu teaching cardio I will be inviting the PAHS students to express what they learn about the heart artistically. They can sketch, paint, photograph, compose, sculpt... anything goes as long as it is inspired by the cardiovascular system. This will be the Nepalese version of an Art Contest that I have hosted at UBC Medicine/Dentistry for the past 12 years called Heartfelt Images ( The UBC med students volunteering here in Kathmandu were kind enough to collect and bring some cameras for the PAHS students to use in case they don't have one of their own and we will welcome all submissions throughout the 5 week block. We will announce the winners of the contest during our fifth week *just before exams* and the winners will be presented with prizes (yet to be determined). I will, of course, post the winners on this blog so you will see the products of their labours!

The Nepali word for heart is Mutu. Now I need to find a wonderful title for the contest. Any suggestions?

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