Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Med Student Volunteers

Something I wanted to mention was that for the first time since I have been involved with PAHS I will be sharing the experience with some truly remarkable University of British Columbia medical students. Mike, Kiley, Eda, Renee and Marion are already either in transit or on the ground in Kathmandu. They will be joined in a few weeks by a second group (Candace, Keira and Katelyn ** if I have left anyone out I'm sorry, I will introduce them once they arrive!).

This all started when I posted a description of PAHS on the Global Health Initiative UBC website (globalhealth.med.ubc.ca), a student led initiative at UBC.

Never underestimate the power of motivated med students! Next thing I knew meetings were scheduled (thanks Kiley!), fundraisers were planned, tutor guides were written (thanks Peytra, Mike and Renee!) and "Health Trek Nepal" was up and running. I think there may be a website for the student group and I will link to it when I get it.
Their main role will be to work with the PAHS medical students as basic science and English tutors throughout the summer. I'll keep you posted as I hear about the initiatives they develop.

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