Wednesday, 15 June 2011

settling in

I arrived in KTM mid day and dropped off my bags at my new digs here in Patan (see pic). It is a really lovely three story house of which myself and Bibiana will occupy the main floor. It has a gorgeous garden and a wonderful guard dog who I have named “BK” for barky kukur. Kukur is nepali for dog. Glad I brought ample ear plugs…

I met up with the UBC med students (from now on to be known collectively as HTN (for Health Trek Nepal), and we had a great dinner together which served two purposes, one was to catch me up on everything they have already accomplished (which is a lot!!) and also to keep me awake until 8pm!

I got home, unpacked and then slept for 9 hours straight!!

Today with a huge amount of help from Mili bahini and Bishnu bhai I got a mobile phone, figured out the internet in my apartment (thanks Jane), got a huge grocery order to stock the cupboards with staples, and organized to hire a didi to come to cook meals for the next 6 weeks! With what is ahead of us in terms of work, shopping for groceries and cooking was really low on the priority list.

Tomorrow is a writing day for me AND I meet my Nepali tutor for the first time.

Dheri dheri khusi lagyo (very happy).

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  1. What an amazing first day! The garden is so beautiful. What a treat to have someone cook for you. xoxo