Monday, 13 June 2011

on my way

Well I am ensconced in the lounge at YVR waiting for my flight to LA. My email and phone messages have been programed appropriately, suitcases have been checked (please universe give them safe passage to KTM), and now it is just a matter of ALOT of sitting.

Just found out the flight is delayed by one hour.. that means that rather than watching the hockey game in LAX it will be being played as I fly down the coast. Hopefully I will catch the part where they win and skate around the rink with Lord Stanley's Cup.

My flight to Bangkok leaves LAX just before midnight so I will have some time on my hands when I arrive in LA.

I am trialing a new "travel organizer" that hangs on the back of the tray-table when it is in it's upright position. It contains my kindle, my eye patch and ear plugs, hand sanitizer, Nepali Devanagari script exercises, pens and a place to hand a water bottle. That should keep me sane for the 15-17 hour flight to Bangkok.

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