Tuesday, 18 September 2012

After the blood comes the tears

“After the blood comes the tears”

This was a quote by a Nepali villager who was attending a unique photographic exhibit of images that chronicled the 10 years of war in Nepal.  This quote was selected to be on the cover of one of a trilogy of books* edited by Kunda Dixit (Editor of Nepali Times) and now displayed in a unique gallery in a corner of Patan Doka.  Kunda was kind enough to invite myself, Jason, Bibiana, Darren and Shona for a guided tour of the gallery.


The images below are a sample of how the gallery is set up.  The framed prints were published in the first book [A People’s War].  These images were toured around the country where scores of Nepali people wrote comments as they viewed the images.  The second book [Never Again] was a compilation of the written comments (including the quote above).  While touring the images people identified people in the original pictures.  The third book [People After War] pairs the original images with updated photos and stories of the people ten years later.  The story of Gita Giri is one poignant example.  In the original image she is photographed grieving over the body of her husband.  Ten years later she recounts the vividness of the memory of that day.

To fully understand Nepal it is necessary to understand the reality of the legacy of a decade of violence and to believe that the path leads to sustained peace.  A trip to the Dixit Gallery in Patan is a good start.

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