Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Chics and other diversions on our day off.


A pond on the royal grounds, filled with squirming eels!

Street scene in Thamel (tourist district in KTM)

Street sign for copies of the Toronto Medical School Notes!!!!

On our day off Bibiana, Jason and I decided to take advantage of a Banda (a strike that bans local motorized traffic) and walk  from Patan to Thamel, the tourist region of KTM.  We left at 8am and it is about a 60 minute walk.  When there is no traffic and the air is clean and rain-washed it harkens back to the KTM of about 30 years ago.

We were spellbound by the Royal Ponds filled with squirming, splashing eels.  On the far right on the "cute scale" from eels we also saw boxes of fluffy chics for sale.

Like Cindarella at midnight however the spell was broken and at 10am the Banda was lifted and the  traffic and pollution returned.

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