Thursday, 27 September 2012

The New Batch

A little over one and a half years ago David and I gave a welcoming address during orientation to the 2nd batch of Medical Students at PAHS.  These are the same students that I am now back to teach.  In between they have completed their “pre medical” course, been out to the community slums in Kathmandu, and traveled to remote villages to take part in their first rural visits.  They have been accumulating some introductory clinical skills under the careful tutelage of their clinical preceptors.

I got to accompany a small group into the hospital as they learned how to use their stethoscopes and perform a cardiac exam. 

These stethoscopes were generously donated by Littman and brought to Nepal by the UBC medical students “Health Trek Nepal” who came here as volunteers this past summer.  Eight lovely cardiology stethoscopes were donated to the clinical skills program to be used by students that don’t own their own.

Earlier this week I gave a welcoming address to batch III PAHS students as they begin their own medical education journey.  

and the circle continues...

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