Sunday, 30 September 2012

Donning the "white coat"

On Friday the new batch of students were inducted into the PAHS family in a ceremony where, for the first time, they don their short white coats and recite an oath that symbolizes their commitment as medical students to the underserved of Nepal.

First Dean Rajesh Gongal addressed the students with heartfelt words:

"Now that you are committed to pursue this way of life, we will help you , guide you and walk with you in this journey, for you are not alone in this journey as our destination is a common one, our aim the same , the relief of human suffering. Let the ceremony today be the mark of your entry into PAHS family. We will work together, laugh together, sometimes  maybe cry together but all the  time grow together.

My fellow students, let not the white coat that you don from today be a  symbol of status, nor let it elevate you away from the patients; let it instead be a symbol of kindness, a symbol of respect and a symbol of love. Let it also be a reminder for you to always be humble, a reminder that all that you will study in six years is only a fraction of what is there to know which is only  a fraction of what is already known which is only a fraction of the whole truth. Medicine is not  only about curing, for there are only a so many diseases that you can cure ; it is about caring and comforting.

Let this ceremony also be a symbol of your commitment to PAHS mission, vision and goals, to serve the people of Nepal ,especially those who live in remote and underprivileged part of the country; your commitment to be the leader in field of health, your commitment to make this country and its people healthy."

And if you are so committed then read after me the oath of PAHS Student…..

I pledge that as scholar in the field of Medicine, I will at all times act with compassion and respect towards patients and their families, regardless of their caste, religion, socio-economic status, age or handicap.

I pledge to respect the confidentiality of patients and their medical records.

I am committed to the Mission , Vision and Goals of Patan Academy of Health Sciences  in serving the disadvantaged, particularly those in remote rural areas of Nepal.

I will work together with the local community to help them address the health issues important to them.

I will study to the best of my ability and commit to continue learning and keep up to date for my entire medical career.

I pledge that I will at all times act with integrity, honesty and professionalism, dedicating my life to the service of others.

Oath  Part I

Oath Part II

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