Friday, 7 September 2012

That's the funny thing about "shuffle" in iTunes; you never know what will come up.  Here I sit in my apartment in Patan bathed in sweat listening to Bing Crosby sing I'm dreaming of a white Christmas...

Christmas and snow couldn't be further from my mind.  Heading into another round of 5 weeks of teaching is occupying most of my frontal cortex and a fair chunk of my limbic system if I'm being honest.  Last year I approached this with the unbridled enthusiasm of someone doing something brand new.  This time around I am in no way less excited, just a little more daunted by the task ahead.  I know where we fell down last time around and I'm (frankly) scared about making similar mistakes again.  

As if to allay my anxieties I promptly ran into two of my favorite, now second year "Batch 1 students", that I taught last year.  They virtually exploded in delight when I walked down the hall towards them.  "CA mam you're back!!!"  They explained that they were getting ready for their comprehensive exam including cardio and could they sit in on my lectures this year and possibly have some one on one tutorials to cement their cardio???   

Yep this is why I do this. 

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