Wednesday, 11 May 2016

A day off.

David flew in to Kathmandu yesterday morning and was surprisingly perky for such a long journey.  With that in mind, our dear friend Bishnu Rai arranged for a car and driver and the amazing company of Bill Kumar Lama, another good friend in Nepal and Bill’s friend Bharat to go on a day hike just outside of Kathmandu.  We hiked 5 km  (up 700 meters) to an altitude of 2000 meters through a lovely forest up an endless set of stone stairs.  

David, Bharat and Bill

At the top there was a lovely Buddhist Monastery absolutely adorned with fresh prayer flags.  

Our timing was perfect for two reasons, one was that two young monks were chanting and performing a puja as we arrived at the Monastery.  

The second reason was we met the amazing “Betty” an 87 year old American X-pat who has lived in Kathmandu for 42 years.  She originally came to Nepal with the American Embassy then decided to retire here.   Not only was she warm, effervescent with a razor sharp intellect, but she seemed to have taken the 700 meter hike completely in her stride.  #rolemodel

Betty (3rd from the right)

The view from the top was amazing and we could see the entirety of Kathmandu.

We lit some butter candles in memory of family and friends we have lost and then slowly made our way back down to Kathmandu.

For Joe, Florence, Angela and Bill                           For Trevor and Zarah

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