Thursday, 12 May 2016

We will rise again

Very early this morning David and I walked to Patan Durbar Square, the first time for both of us since the devastating earthquake last April.  Patan Durbar Square is a Unesco World Hertiage site and was one of the hardest hit areas in Patan.  It contains the original temples constructed in the 1600’s some of which crumbled during the earthquake.   I had mixed feelings while there this morning. On one hand I was  heartbroken to see the damage done to the extraordinary temples, on the other hand I was heartened to see how many temples still remain standing, albeit propped up with scaffolding.  Everywhere are neatly stacked piles of red bricks and roof tiles recovered in the months after the earthquake, presumably to be used in reconstruction projects. 

The slogan “We will rise again” is seen on various walls around Patan, often associated with pictures of temples that fell in the earthquake.   It symbolizes the resilience of the Nepalese people, looking ahead towards a stronger more stable future.

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