Sunday, 8 May 2016

Launched !

Today Health Trek Nepal made their first trip to Sonrisa Orphanage, where they were greeted warmly by Sonrisa Director Bishnu Rai.  The purpose of their visit to Sonrisa was twofold; one was to launch the Photovoice Health Project and one was to set up for the Sonrisa Health Screen Project.

Health Screen is a project initiated four years ago based on my observation at the time that when the children at Sonrisa are ill they are taken to the Outpatients ward of the closest hospital.  Depending on the age of the child and who has taken them to the hospital, there may be little or no information to provide the doctor that sees them.  For that reason a previous Health Trek Nepal project was devised whereby a comprehensive health screen was carried out to collect as much history and physical data as possible and then record it concisely on a “Health Record Card” that could (going forward) accompany them on hospital visits.  Health Trek Nepal 2016’s project is to update the Health Record Card (based on a new Health Screen and to summarize the past 4 years of Health Screen and Health Record Card in a research paper.

Photo Voice Project involves providing the children with digital cameras and having them use the cameras to “answer” three questions:  What is health?  What is a good health behavior? and What is a bad healthy behavior?  The med students will collect all the children’s images after one week and then create a collage of images summarizing good health to leave behind in the Orphanage.  They will also carry out a qualitative study using the images as data.  Oh and as a bonus they leave the cameras for the children at Sonrisa!

Bishnu Rai reading out the consent form to participate in the study.

Introducing the children at Sonrisa to the cameras

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