Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Mero Mutu Mero Kala (Cardiac Art) 2016

After a one year hiatus Mero Mutu Mero Kala,  "My heart My Art" has returned to PAHS.  This is an annual Cardiac Art contest that was started here coinciding with the very first Batch of PAHS students (in 2011).  Carmina Sthrestha (from Batch 2) created the title and the lovely logo (two caring hands holding aloft a heart with the Nepali flag)  in 2012.

This year time was tight and thus the students only had (barely) two weeks to create their works of art.  Despite a punishing time crunch Batch 5 did not disappoint.  Five judges reviewed and scored all submissions earlier this morning.  

Judges were blinded to the identity of the student artists.   Art that received the 5 highest cumulative scores were awarded Honourable Mention, 3rd place 2nd place and 1st place respectively.

In todays post I will present you with “all 14 entries”.  We announce the prize winners on Thursday.  They will be taking home diagnostic quality Stethoscopes!

There was Art submitted in three different categories:  Poetry/Stories, Paintings/Sketches and “Other Media”



Rashmi  Jha " With its own Art"

Aastha Ghimire "Words from the Heart"

Paintings and Sketches

Ambika Kumari Singh  "Cardiac Pathology"
(Pencil, Ink and Coloured Pencil)

Apurva Shrestha
(Coloured Pencil and Ink)

Bulbul Pradham  "Nurture of Heart"
(Pencil Sketch)

Kriti Shrestha "I see through my heart"
(Pencil Sketch)

Rajani Singh  "My Queen of hearts"
(Pen and Ink with Water Colour)

Ramesh Shrestha "HeART"
(Watercolour Painting)

Suban Amatya "Heart Beats"
(pencil sketch)

Upama Shrestha  "Heart Connected to Earth"
(coloured pencil)

"Other Media"

Durga Royaka & Nishant  Joshi "Circulation of Life"
(hand stitched with thread and wool)

Monima Maharan  "The Heart that Beats"
(mosaic made with bamboo pieces)

Pragya Kumari  "The Heart"
(Papier Mache plus paint)

Ramesh Shrestha  "Save This Heart"
(Papier Mache plus paint)

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