Monday, 2 May 2016

Early Morning Walks

Jet lag is gently receding.  My favourite schedule here is waking up with the roosters (5am) and heading out for a walk around Patan.  Many people are up at that time, also walking or running or heading to work.  There are few cars and the air is clear.  The dogs, that have been barking all night long, are now settling in for their daytime naps.

I mentioned in my last post that many roads have been widened and now have sidewalks and I said that was much safer for people walking along the roads.  Today I saw another advantage, a man in a wheelchair, something that would have been hugely difficult on the previously unpaved back roads.

Today I announce the 3rd running of the PAHS medical student Cardiac Art contest.  Here it is called Mero Muto Mero Kala (My heart, My Art).  In honour of that I took my own heartfelt image this morning while walking: "Mongolian Heart" and check out the heart shaped tire adornments...


  1. I am following your blog with intense interest CA. Your photos and comments are evocative. I am so proud to know you!
    Be safe Dar

  2. Great article.. Thanks for sharing your experience. its very interesting to read. I love walking, its my favourite type of exercise. I love nothing more than taking my dog out in the morning