Tuesday, 17 May 2016


Yesterday I taught my last cardio lecture for this trip at PAHS.  

(photo: D Dunne)

(photo: D. Dunne)

The three weeks have gone by very quickly and it hardly seems possible that I fly away on Friday.  

I was reflecting on just how much the “Batch 5” students have learned (from the entire CV Block team) in a short 4 weeks.  When I arrived they were just being introduced to “the squiggles” that make up the Electrocardiogram.  A mere three weeks later, in my lecture yesterday, they were confidently estimating the Ventricular Mean Electrical Axis- a complex cardiovascular tool that will assist in their future diagnosis of heart disease. 

They have much still to learn and three things going for them.  They have an incredibly dedicated faculty at PAHS to guide them, an innate curiosity and eagerness to learn and an entire nation pulling for their success. All of these things will serve them well throughout the next 5 years of their medical journey.

I can’t wait to return down the road and see how they have transitioned into fully fledged clinicians here in Nepal.   To them I say a special “Pheri Betaula”.  See you again.

a "Heartfelt" pano at the end of the last lecture!

CA ma'am with PAHS faculty and  "Batch 5"  

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