Friday, 6 May 2016

Welcoming Health Trek Nepal 2016

Today I welcomed 7 first year University of British Columbia (UBC) medical students, called Health Trek Nepal.  They are: Cara, Hamish Jingfei, Joyce, Kia, Laura and Vanessa.  This is a program that stemmed from an initial group of UBC medical students who came to Nepal with me as volunteers in 2011.  The plan was then (and still is) for the Health Trek students to engage in peer to peer tutoring with the PAHS medical students.  In addition they put on workshops for the students on a variety of topics (study skills, work life balance, cultural exchange).  New this year,  they will conduct two community health research projects at Sonrisa Orphanage.  I am very excited to see their projects take shape over the next few weeks.

Health Trek Nepal 2016 in front of the Patan Hospital sign.
(Cara, Kia, Laura, Hamish, Joyce, Vanessa and Jingfei)

(cutest puppy ever..)

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