Thursday, 19 May 2016

And the winners are...

Today we had an emotional reveal of the two Honourable Mentions and Top Three Submissions for Mero Mutu Mero Kala (My heart my art) contest.

Accepting for Honourable Mention were:

Rajani Singh “My Queen of Hearts”

Ink and watercolour


Suban Amatya “Heart Beats”

Pencil sketch

3rd Prize overall (Taking home an ALPK2 Stethoscope)

Pragua Kumari  “The Heart”

Newspaper sculpture on wood

2nd  Prize overall (Taking home an ALPK2 Stethoscope)

Monima Maharjan "The heart that beats"

Straw mosaic

And finally

1st Prize overall (Taking home a Littman Stethoscope)

Ramesh Shrestha “ Save the heart”

Clay heart with paint

A Warm Congratulations to all artists who submitted this year.

And on a final note …

Batch 5 presented me with an incredible parting gift.  Tragically they lost a class mate very early on in first year.  His name was Anil and he died suddenly of a cardiac abnormality during one of their “Sports Days” .   In honour of his passing they designed a lovely shirt that was a tribute to Anil an includes the names of all his class mates forming the number “5”.  His name is highlighted in the centre.  Their gift to me was one of these shirts.  I couldn’t be more honoured and will wear it proudly.

PAHS faculty pose with all 14 artists who submitted to this years Mero Mutu Mero Kala.


  1. What dynamic work, both from you as well as the students.
    You are all so inspiring.

  2. and they did their art in UNDER two weeks!!

  3. Amazing art, and beautiful blog, CA! Hope you feel better soon. The artists can submit their pieces to TBE: too.