Friday, 20 May 2016

Full Stop Full Circle

Well I almost made it though my trip without picking up a bug…  Yesterday I woke up with low grade nausea, fatigue and a chest infection which pretty much brought me to a standstill… more like a lie still.   A day off food seems to have cleared up the nausea/fatigue but sadly the chest infection has remained and today my nose is running… 
Not ideal for being about to board my long series of flights home…

Oh well.

On a much brighter note I was able to connect with a bunch of students from the FIRST Batch of PAHS.  These are students from the pioneer class who are now in their final year as “Interns” and will graduate this September and start their rural placements.  I couldn’t be more proud.  

Bibiana Cujec,  Jason Waechter, and I had the pleasure of being their professors in the inaugural Cardio Block along with the CV Block director Mili Joshi.   

To see them now, almost finished and ready to bring health care to rural parts of the country was an emotional moment for me.

Batch 1 Interns

Batch 1 with CA ma'am

Batch 1 Selfie (by Neeti)

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